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Video Inspection System

RoVac Systems is proud to introduce the first battery operated video inspection system that will actually fit into a 3 or 4 inch diameter vent. The transmitter and camera can also be mounted together to form a small single package for inspecting large ductwork and chimney flues.

Also available is a remote control vehicle that the unit can be strapped to which will enable you to drive down the larger ductwork without getting tangled in wires.

Advantages of owning this video inspection system:

Great Sales Tool.
Seeing is believing. Show your customers first hand how much buildup is in their vent. Also use it to do every commercial estimate. Take 5 extra minutes to make a small hole for the camera and get a good look around the inside of the duct system while the manager watches on the monitor.

Locate Problems.
No more guess work. Now you can actually see if the vent is disconnected or what is causing a blockage.

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Battery Powered.
This means you can take the unit up a ladder or onto the roof without running a power cord to the unit.

Wireless Transmission.
Take the transmitter and the camera up to 100 feet away while your customer sits in their living room watching the video monitor. No connection to the monitor needed.

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Night Vision.
No high intensity lights needed. Infra-red sensors allow you to see in the dark.

System Includes:

Video Monitor (AC adaptor included) (batteries not included)
Transmitter (AC adaptor included) (batteries not included)
Camera with Infra-red sensors
30' camera cable
Carry case

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